My Story

why Tokyolove they ask ???

 First off I would like to thank you for visiting our site.  Thank you

 I'm a Urban artist, I've always had a passion for the language of Art and just expressing myself since I can remember. I'm a visionary. If I had a vision or thought I will always think past that outside of the box and actually bring it to life. (This is what I do).

  I put this Lifestyle Brand TOKYOLOVE  together to give you the mind and vision of urban Samurai a Fly Young Warrior, from my point of view. By joining different but alike cultures, Style, influences, art and history together. Pop Art,  Japanese and urban cultures.

The Japanese culture has always influenced America's Urban culture just as much as they Embrace and love our Urban culture. Through style, kung fu, swag,food, music, fashion, spiritual growth, history, art and more. For example who doesn't love a good action movie, what Asian kid don't want to have swag like a urban kid, what city kid don't want to learn Kung Fu or karate, from Bruce Lee to the Wu-Tang Clan and who doesn't love the Mario Brothers, etc. , I've been an artists since day of birth. But between all of that,.. This is my passion and I have found my purpose. My goal is to inspire the uninspired to get inspired. Through positivist  , inspiration motivation and love…….. welcome to  TOKYOLOVE

I'M A F.Y.W.

Once again thank you for visiting.