No Evil aka Tadashi (Villain)

In Japanese, the name TADASHI is a Male gender name. And in Japanese, the Male name TADASHI means (1-忠, 2-正) Japanese name TADASHI means 1) "loyal" or 2) "true."

NO EVIL is character (villain) who’s evil action or motives are important to the plot.


TADASHI is a vigilante of his forgotten truth of his past, he's an outcast and a descendant of an ancient warrior of  Royal Battlegrounds.


Exhaust Gas Blast: Discharges toxic gas (30 DAM) + (This attack does (10 DAM) to opponents benched FYW)

Soul Swindle:  Steals opponents health reducing it by (20 DAM)

Rowdy Headbutt:  Unwelcoming headbutt to opponent dazing them. (20 Dam) + ( Flip a coin. If Tales opponent loses a turn.)